Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The friendship that I  offered you was a sword that cuts both ways.

Your response is your own business.......so do what you may.

My fantasies and dreams.... are off limits for you. Intimacy and sharing

are privileged not the rule.

And you over there in the corner.....yes, I have seen you over there. 

Did it ever occur to you that I no longer care ? Peering through that lens, you

will never truly live. I became free when I let it all go to forgive.

I remember the comfort of believing that you cared. The pretend man that you

showed me...... and the warmth that we shared. 

We did not fit together. But, instead of being cool, you made fun and demeaned

me. You are adept at being cruel. You will never see me. I offered my true self.

But, I am not willing to die alone waiting for you on a shelf.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Let us raise our glasses to the naive fools who were
Gullible and followed the golden rules.

Although each false and vapid promise never came into fruition,
Here is a toast to You My Friend......for ignoring your intuition.

This is a drink to honor all.....Who for every lame excuse did eagerly Fall.
Blindly hoping that the friend, lover, or child....Would return the unconditional love. And, actually return that desperate phone call.

I raise my glass to all of us who have awakened to reality and Self-Disgust. We will never traverse this road again, When it is ourselves we begin to Trust.

One Day we will look back and ponder this when another tale is told.....We will nod our heads in
deep sympathy at another's worth undersold.

Advice will be given with tears held back.....Hoping to alleviate their pain. A secret sigh of relief escapes because we are now Immune to that Game.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I have pretty much worked on myself daily since my second divorce. The pathway has been fraught with highs and lows.......and invaluable lessons that are now mine to retain.

I met a kindred spirit in this beautiful lady. She talked to me about dancing and the benefits that she has enjoyed. And nope, she did not wait for the "new year, new me" to start. The dancing has enhanced her life despite raising two children and working a full time job. This is beautiful Ms. M. with her lovely daughters and with partners from the Gypsy Viennese Waltz Routine performed in December 2016.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Divorce Cost: Money Well Spent in My Opinion (ROBIN'S RANT) HOLIDAY CHEER.....NOTHING ABOUT DIVORCE !!!

I post jokes almost daily. What I have observed is the fact that many people fancy themselves as self-made critics of humor. But, in essence, they are on here to be with others and to hide behind the computer while doing so.......not for the enjoyment of the glorious humor and talent on Google + .  

So let me say this. I love to laugh. I laugh at and for myself. I do not require approval to laugh. However, yes, of course I want others to laugh as well, hence I share a lot of jokes. Now, the non-humorous among us can criticize. But, I challenge that person to post and submit their humor for others to share.

I just wanted to Rant a little. It's been a while because I am too busy laughing......LOL ! Well, fellow punsters.........SHALL WE ???? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL........WINK, WINK !!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


The heart is a relentlessly valiant hunter, a truth that cannot be disguised.

Sensitivity inclined, to those who have known,

my Heart is forever behind my eyes. Many years in hiding, vowing to never tell. Life has often been a bumpy ride, a skateboard ride in hell.

Understand me now. I have forgiven you. Repentance is the companion of exoneration. I cannot

rewind the spool of time or return to this failed situation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Freestyle Poem

There are not enough words to express
the anguish of change. Necessary but not necessarily mandatory.
A flow from therein that I had to learn.
what a fool has always known.......
Love  loves no one.

Can't sit still...... won't slow down. I have the love that I need. An oxygen within.
In passion I found my path to purpose. Driven, livin,...... containment for my instilled
disease of artist and words,

This is good stuff. Hungry for that fulfillment. I am close to the line of completion. Let it flow outward giving is getting me more. First step.......Admitted self powerless over the actions of others.
I loved and it was worth the lesson. No regrets.

Escape From Narcissist Island: ROBIN's RANT

It has been a while......but, I had inner construction to continue.
What I Learned: I had chosen the same type of man that I had divorced twice. Oh wow ! He has no empathy, and cannot participate in a progressive, equitable relationship. Seriously. Also, from the ample evidence, he is more interested in pictures of genitalia than anything else. Wow.

Ok. I am laughing. Because, this sounds like a twelve year old. So glaringly obvious that at this time, I am embarrassed.
my bad. You see, I was hurting and wanted the easy way out. So, I experimented with an on line dating site. My results were disastrous.

I had to revisit my past for a brief interlude. It was painful and informative. Hence, I had to admit that I must continue to work on myself. It is unacceptable that I had the same lying, cheating, pretender in my life again. My fault I fear.........send in the Clowns For Real.

So, I came to acceptance. I cannot go on until I get me straight. I am humbled and fascinated at once.