Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Divorce Cost: Money Well Spent in My Opinion (ROBIN'S RANT) HOLIDAY CHEER.....NOTHING ABOUT DIVORCE !!!

I post jokes almost daily. What I have observed is the fact that many people fancy themselves as self-made critics of humor. But, in essence, they are on here to be with others and to hide behind the computer while doing so.......not for the enjoyment of the glorious humor and talent on Google + .  

So let me say this. I love to laugh. I laugh at and for myself. I do not require approval to laugh. However, yes, of course I want others to laugh as well, hence I share a lot of jokes. Now, the non-humorous among us can criticize. But, I challenge that person to post and submit their humor for others to share.

I just wanted to Rant a little. It's been a while because I am too busy laughing......LOL ! Well, fellow punsters.........SHALL WE ???? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL........WINK, WINK !!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


The heart is a relentlessly valiant hunter, a truth that cannot be disguised.

Sensitivity inclined, to those who have known,

my Heart is forever behind my eyes. Many years in hiding, vowing to never tell. Life has often been a bumpy ride, a skateboard ride in hell.

Understand me now. I have forgiven you. Repentance is the companion of exoneration. I cannot

rewind the spool of time or return to this failed situation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Freestyle Poem

There are not enough words to express
the anguish of change. Necessary but not necessarily mandatory.
A flow from therein that I had to learn.
what a fool has always known.......
Love  loves no one.

Can't sit still...... won't slow down. I have the love that I need. An oxygen within.
In passion I found my path to purpose. Driven, livin,...... containment for my instilled
disease of artist and words,

This is good stuff. Hungry for that fulfillment. I am close to the line of completion. Let it flow outward giving is getting me more. First step.......Admitted self powerless over the actions of others.
I loved and it was worth the lesson. No regrets.

Escape From Narcissist Island: ROBIN's RANT

It has been a while......but, I had inner construction to continue.
What I Learned: I had chosen the same type of man that I had divorced twice. Oh wow ! He has no empathy, and cannot participate in a progressive, equitable relationship. Seriously. Also, from the ample evidence, he is more interested in pictures of genitalia than anything else. Wow.

Ok. I am laughing. Because, this sounds like a twelve year old. So glaringly obvious that at this time, I am embarrassed.
my bad. You see, I was hurting and wanted the easy way out. So, I experimented with an on line dating site. My results were disastrous.

I had to revisit my past for a brief interlude. It was painful and informative. Hence, I had to admit that I must continue to work on myself. It is unacceptable that I had the same lying, cheating, pretender in my life again. My fault I fear.........send in the Clowns For Real.

So, I came to acceptance. I cannot go on until I get me straight. I am humbled and fascinated at once.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Robin's Rant

So, I have met more aimlessly toxic people. My ex MEN have indeed multiplied and morphed.  They have different names and faces. But, the lost emptiness is a give away. Can it be all right to thank my venomous ex spouses for preparing me for the present?

Many of us have the bragging rights of creating monstrously out of control young adult offspring. People with no idea how to win friends and influence people. No introspective. abilities whatsoever. Just reactive and drama manufacturing. Will most likely never read Dale Carnegie's books.

Popular media has taught them to focus on others and their faults. Never searching oneself for the answers. Outward focusing, narcissistic, and unhappy.

They are destined for The Island. A human junkyard of extra parts to build someone else's dreams and wealth.........More later......

Saturday, August 13, 2016

NIGHTS OF SUMMER: Nod to Shakespeare

How Shall I Compare YOU to a sultry summer Night?
The Glow From Your Inner Being Out Shines the Star Lights.

A Soft Tender Breeze Stirring The Trees, Is Diminished In Comparison
To My Shaking Knees.

Deeper Than The Dark Purple Skies, My Ecstasy As You Softly Kiss
My Thighs.

Never Can Nocturnal Blooms With Their Intoxicating Scents Rival My Mouth,
Your Tongue, Our Passions Spent.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Let us start from the bottom to the top. I want to say that it is a dreamer who is most dangerous when sleep is not enough.


So....I left the narcissist's lair. I was so damn happy. After viewing the boulevard of broken men and bitches.......It was such an easy feeling of elation and swingin free !  I will never go back to the bullshit of paying obeisance to assholes in order not to face THE ALONENESS. It's ON NOW.

Friday, July 29, 2016

ROBIN'S RANT Escape From Narcissist Island: The Road to Healing

First Weeks of  Freedom

I was always hurting and hoping for over five years. I was told frightening stories with dire implications for me implied in every narrative. He told me that I would not be successful without him. But, he was not successful.....Oh shit, I wanted more than what he could ever try to show me..........And, I no longer wanted HIM.


Experience is the best teacher.

     Far more effective than a classroom with teachers

 We race to acquire material things:

All for the most coveted prizes:
                            and Love.

One action, a chance meeting,

      Can change your life forever.

To Thwart Fate.  Change the Rules

       No Human was ever that Clever




Thursday, July 21, 2016

No More Weight

I gave you every opportunity.
    The lies, and every change of your story
Lines. I had exchanged,
        My happy for listening and wanting more.
               of course you without cause refused.
I wanted a good reason to remain in your thrall
            No  answer......at all.

I had to let go. You know. For me.
     You had nothing for me to hold onto.
Remaining tasks......cut losses and leave.
         Not without threats and hateful talk.
           The salt of mistreat meat.    Meant ?
Love is all there is....Unbeknownst to you.

Now I strut happy. In  spite of background threats.
      I knew that you would screw it up.
Had high hopes for you.
       Wonder. Why you never saw me as much
as I saw in you. I am past tense and out of fence.
     It is the best day. A beginning. Thanks ???

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poetry Loss

5 phones ago I sent  you a message.

My words arrow like aimed at your soul
       Scoffer, you told me they were of insignificant worth when compared with

pleasures and sex, your enjoyment on this present

    earth. 5 phones ago....I was shamed into a painful silence as you by appointed duties dispatched official violence.  Possessed your health waxed condemned.          Enslaved to opiates you've earned your ends. 5 phones ago.........., a reprieve from above.   Rejected as you deny all forms of love. Questions are answered with contempt and scorn. Alone with your anguish bitter and forlorn.       

5 phones ago, soon to be too late, prisoners savour your hostility and hate.    Grace was extended to offer a choice. Forever alone, you've lost your voice. Waste away in your self made hell. Your collection of sex toys knows you well.........

Monday, February 15, 2016

Herstory: MY MUSINGS

Herstory: MY MUSINGS

what they want me to NOT say....................

how about now. When every female that is of African American

          ancestry that I must work with has it in for me.........sight unseen
Extra mean?         I mean, she wants to make her hatred known.

In the South. That dirty gaping mouth. You know good and well it wasn't me ?

But wait......let me see. You hate yourself and what you became. You sought to play and game ?

Now, enter me. I am just free. I LET MYSELF be.              Your discomfiture comes 

with the price of that weave and bad breath.               I cannot care about this. My issues

are not about your nightmare twists.                   You played the mating game and swore

to make me part of your dating game?             if you don't want me then just face me.

But you will not. We both comprehend that.              Your fear is palpable

Your rage is self  abasing.                Not my fault is your dread of reflection.      Infection ?

As I must move on........I wish the best for you. You know that this poem is true.