Monday, February 15, 2016

Herstory: MY MUSINGS

Herstory: MY MUSINGS

what they want me to NOT say....................

how about now. When every female that is of African American

          ancestry that I must work with has it in for me.........sight unseen
Extra mean?         I mean, she wants to make her hatred known.

In the South. That dirty gaping mouth. You know good and well it wasn't me ?

But wait......let me see. You hate yourself and what you became. You sought to play and game ?

Now, enter me. I am just free. I LET MYSELF be.              Your discomfiture comes 

with the price of that weave and bad breath.               I cannot care about this. My issues

are not about your nightmare twists.                   You played the mating game and swore

to make me part of your dating game?             if you don't want me then just face me.

But you will not. We both comprehend that.              Your fear is palpable

Your rage is self  abasing.                Not my fault is your dread of reflection.      Infection ?

As I must move on........I wish the best for you. You know that this poem is true.

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