Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poetry Loss

5 phones ago I sent  you a message.

My words arrow like aimed at your soul
       Scoffer, you told me they were of insignificant worth when compared with

pleasures and sex, your enjoyment on this present

    earth. 5 phones ago....I was shamed into a painful silence as you by appointed duties dispatched official violence.  Possessed your health waxed condemned.          Enslaved to opiates you've earned your ends. 5 phones ago.........., a reprieve from above.   Rejected as you deny all forms of love. Questions are answered with contempt and scorn. Alone with your anguish bitter and forlorn.       

5 phones ago, soon to be too late, prisoners savour your hostility and hate.    Grace was extended to offer a choice. Forever alone, you've lost your voice. Waste away in your self made hell. Your collection of sex toys knows you well.........

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