Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Robin's Rant

So, I have met more aimlessly toxic people. My ex MEN have indeed multiplied and morphed.  They have different names and faces. But, the lost emptiness is a give away. Can it be all right to thank my venomous ex spouses for preparing me for the present?

Many of us have the bragging rights of creating monstrously out of control young adult offspring. People with no idea how to win friends and influence people. No introspective. abilities whatsoever. Just reactive and drama manufacturing. Will most likely never read Dale Carnegie's books.

Popular media has taught them to focus on others and their faults. Never searching oneself for the answers. Outward focusing, narcissistic, and unhappy.

They are destined for The Island. A human junkyard of extra parts to build someone else's dreams and wealth.........More later......

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