Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Escape From Narcissist Island: ROBIN's RANT

It has been a while......but, I had inner construction to continue.
What I Learned: I had chosen the same type of man that I had divorced twice. Oh wow ! He has no empathy, and cannot participate in a progressive, equitable relationship. Seriously. Also, from the ample evidence, he is more interested in pictures of genitalia than anything else. Wow.

Ok. I am laughing. Because, this sounds like a twelve year old. So glaringly obvious that at this time, I am embarrassed.
my bad. You see, I was hurting and wanted the easy way out. So, I experimented with an on line dating site. My results were disastrous.

I had to revisit my past for a brief interlude. It was painful and informative. Hence, I had to admit that I must continue to work on myself. It is unacceptable that I had the same lying, cheating, pretender in my life again. My fault I fear.........send in the Clowns For Real.

So, I came to acceptance. I cannot go on until I get me straight. I am humbled and fascinated at once.

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