Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Divorce Cost: Money Well Spent in My Opinion (ROBIN'S RANT) HOLIDAY CHEER.....NOTHING ABOUT DIVORCE !!!

I post jokes almost daily. What I have observed is the fact that many people fancy themselves as self-made critics of humor. But, in essence, they are on here to be with others and to hide behind the computer while doing so.......not for the enjoyment of the glorious humor and talent on Google + .  

So let me say this. I love to laugh. I laugh at and for myself. I do not require approval to laugh. However, yes, of course I want others to laugh as well, hence I share a lot of jokes. Now, the non-humorous among us can criticize. But, I challenge that person to post and submit their humor for others to share.

I just wanted to Rant a little. It's been a while because I am too busy laughing......LOL ! Well, fellow punsters.........SHALL WE ???? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL........WINK, WINK !!!