Monday, January 30, 2017


Let us raise our glasses to the naive fools who were
Gullible and followed the golden rules.

Although each false and vapid promise never came into fruition,
Here is a toast to You My Friend......for ignoring your intuition.

This is a drink to honor all.....Who for every lame excuse did eagerly Fall.
Blindly hoping that the friend, lover, or child....Would return the unconditional love. And, actually return that desperate phone call.

I raise my glass to all of us who have awakened to reality and Self-Disgust. We will never traverse this road again, When it is ourselves we begin to Trust.

One Day we will look back and ponder this when another tale is told.....We will nod our heads in
deep sympathy at another's worth undersold.

Advice will be given with tears held back.....Hoping to alleviate their pain. A secret sigh of relief escapes because we are now Immune to that Game.

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